Baby Hooded Towel for an Easier Experience

Words alone cannot express the joy of bathing with your kids. It’s a special time for parents and their little ones. Whether in a fluffy tub or in the kitchen sink, there’ll be smiles all around.

There is no doubt that kids love bath time. Some opt for the interactive toys, some the coloring books and some just prefer the company of their parents while being splashed with cold water and then dried off. 

You can bet on one thing that when parents are ready to welcome their little ones into the family, they will spend plenty of time preparing the right ambience for the occasion and making sure everything is in place to make the little one feel as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to making bath time more fun, there's no better way to do it than with towels. Wrapping your child in a soft fluffy towel makes them feel like they're in heaven as they take their first dip into the bathtub.

Towels aren’t just for drying off anymore. They also make the perfect accessory to keep your little one wrapped up in joy.

If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to keep your little one comfortable and clean, then you have come to the right place.

Smiling Gaia Hooded Baby Towel

When it comes to your baby's comfort and well-being, they deserve the best. And you want them to never leave that little kid phase where they enjoy a fluffy towel after bath time (which is really, really fun by the way). With Smiling Gaia's hooded Towels, you are choosing premium material that will keep your baby dry no matter how long it takes you to control their dripping wet hair. 

So your child will not only stay calm and comfortable throughout the day, but they'll also look cute

A very common problem that parents face with baby towels is that they are either too small, or do not absorb water well. From the day your baby is born and needs a towel to dry himself/herself after bath, you can’t help but wonder if ‘is this 

towel large enough’? Or what you need is a baby hooded towel that is large enough, super soft to touch, comfortable and dries your baby well.

The Smiling  Gaia Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel is made of the highest-quality bamboo, keeping your baby warm and comfortable all day.

Your little one is sure to love this soft and premium bamboo hooded towel set. As a parent, you know how important bath time is to your child’s development -- and ours helps make bath time easier than ever.

Our Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel makes drying time a lot more fun for your little one. Using a soft microfiber fabric, this hooded bath towel will gently dry your child’s hair and body, while the bamboo is naturally antibacterial. 

This bamboo hooded towel can be machine washed over and over again to maximize its lifetime.

Another thing you’ll love about the Hooded Baby Towel is that it’s the only towel infused with 5% spandex. This means that it will never lose its softness, and the material will always remain durable. Unlike many other towels, this one will continue to feel soft after multiple washes – even after ten years of use.

When it comes to towels, size does matter. Smiling Gaia generous-sized towels are 35 x 35 inches or 90 x 90 cm wide. Drying your baby after a bath, having a towel with a big XL size is important, not only does it keep your baby all around covered, it also keeps the baby's head dry because of the HOODED design.

We bet you do love your baby and don’t want to  expose him or her to chemicals like phthalates and dyes. We know you can’t resist your newborn’s cute smile, chubby cheeks, and endearing behavior. Like any proud parent, we too want what’s best for our baby. 

That’s why we proudly come up with  Smiling Gaia baby hooded towels, which are made with natural viscose bamboo and spandex for durability, softness, and comfort.

Add an eco-friendly touch to your bathroom with these hypoallergenic towels. Whis is made from a bamboo base, they're soft and absorbent, and their clever design will last long after your kids have grown up.

Why Smiling Gaia Hooded Towel ? Customers Testimonial

“I was so thrilled to find a baby hooded towel that met our needs. We have a very active toddler who needs to be able to move around while putting him in the bathtub. This towel is so perfect for allowing him to be free, while keeping him warm and giving him comfort.”

“Love this hooded towel! It's thick and soft, and it's oversized so it will fit even our bigger kids for a long time. Bought for the beach but it's perfect for bath too. Washes well.”

“I love the softness and thickness of the towel. I can't wait for summer to come around again so that I can wrap my little one in this towel!”

“I have been using these towels for a couple of weeks now and I am very pleased with them. They are soft, and I don't see any pilling yet. I like the fit of my 9 month old son very much. Thank you for making a great product!”

“Bought this towel for my new grandson. I love it, and so does he. He snuggles up right away when he is wrapped in it. His mommy loves the hood. It's a great size for a baby or a young toddler, and the hood looks so cute! Great product. Thanks!”