Benefits Of Co-Sleeping with Baby

Co-sleeping with your little one seems safe and sound; after all, what’s sweeter than cuddling up all night with your little one? 

But co-sleeping and bed-sharing with a baby have become heated terms, and parents have different opinions on both sides. Co-sleep with babies and increase the risk of SIDS, while on another side,  parents who think not sleeping with a baby let them miss out on the important, love-bonding experience. 

The bed-sharing may seem appealing to many parents, but it has risks, most prominently, co-sleeping increases baby’s chance of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). 

But, having a baby sleep in your room, in her crib, lounger or bassinet, protects against SIDS.

Here in this article, we come up with answers to all questions parents have about bed-sharing and co-sleeping.

What is co-sleeping and bed-sharing?

Parents often interchange both terms, co-sleeping and bed-sharing, but they’re not the same — and it is very important to know the difference. 

Bed-sharing is sleeping with the baby in the same bed and the same sleeping surface.

Co-sleeping is sleeping close to your baby; it can be in the same bed or nearby in the same room.

Most risks are associated with bed-sharing, which is one way of co-sleeping, and it is not a very healthy practice. The most known risk that causes due to bed-sharing is the baby's risk of SIDS. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also warns and discourages bed-sharing. 

Ultimately, there is no safe bed-sharing, and as a parent, you must never sleep in the same bed with your baby.

While co-sleeping is safe and is safer than bed-sharing— in co-sleeping, the baby sleeps in your bedroom, but in her crib, lounger bassinet. 

The AAP also encourages and recommends room-sharing until your baby is at least 6 months old.

Benefits of co-sleeping

Either you are a parent who considers themselves as attachment parents and supports the idea of co-sleeping or a parent who likes their baby to sleep in their room, both agree that co-sleeping has so many advantages. 

  • The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) research shows some positive impacts on a baby's health. They suggest co-sleeping with all possible safety precautions reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 
  • Co-sleeping helps in better sleep; parents agree that infants who co-sleep go to sleep very fast and stay asleep longer, which ultimately helps them in good health. 
  • Having your baby in a lounger or bassinet next to your bed helps parents feed their baby very easily and quickly, supporting both mom and baby to get back to sleep faster. 
  • Mothers who co-sleep are feeling much better and well-rested. 
  • There is some research that shows some significant benefits, such as infants who co-sleep have much stronger emotional relationships with their parents and other people.
  • Studies show that co-sleeping also has some physiological benefits, i.e., regulating body temperature and synching breathing to the adult. 

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