Best Gifts for Newborn Babies in 2021

Have you ever had a friend or a family member announced they’re having a baby? If you have, what’s one of the first things you think to yourself is: “I cannot wait to hold their sweet little baby!” 

It is such a miraculous time in a person’s life, and the best way to be there for them is by giving them the things they need.

Baby supplies can be the most confusing gift for new parents, not only because there are so many options but also because every parent is different. 

New parents often want the best for their babies, but they may not know where to get it. You can explain to them what you want, but even that will be confusing to some. 

That's why we have come up with some of the best gift ideas for new parents that will make sure your baby gets what they need without any confusion.

We get it; having a baby is exciting. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or just want to browse through cute ideas, we have you covered.

When welcoming a new member into the family, it is a time of excitement, joy and happiness. Everyone wants to show their best selves and demonstrate how grateful they are for the little bundle of joy that they have been given. 

Newborn babies are especially appreciative, so it would only make sense to make them feel even more appreciated with some fun and memorable gifts.

The best gifts for newborn babies

Your baby is new to this world, and better to welcome them with a gift that’ll help them grow. As a newborn, you’ll be giving your child all kinds of things, from clothes to toys, diapers to creams and more. 

When selecting a gift for your newborn baby, try something organic and with good quality that lasts long.

Buying the best gift for a newborn is not easy but choosing gifts for babies doesn’t have to be hard. Simply take a look at our list of the best gifts for newborn babies and select one that you think would be most suitable for them. You can also order online if you are too busy.

Buying the best gift for a newborn is not easy, but choosing gifts for babies doesn’t have to be complicated.

Simply look at our list of the best gifts for newborn babies and select one that you think would be most suitable for them. You can also order online if you are too busy.

  • Smiling Bamboo Washcloths
  • Did you know that not all baby washcloths and towels are created equal? Bamboo is nature’s champ when it comes to creating the most luxurious, ultra-soft fabric. We believe in using materials free of harsh chemicals and additives to make bath time as gentle as possible.

    Our baby washcloths are 100% natural, suitable for sensitive skin and even work great as travel towels, pet face cloths or bathroom towels for adults!

    This is the perfect baby shower gift for a new parent; you can use the washcloths in two ways. 

    First, they make an exceptional baby wipe that’s extra gentle on the baby's skin and face. Second, they’re the perfect size for washing a baby’s hands and feet!

    These thick baby washcloths are softer than cotton and more luxurious than a flannel. They feel great against your skin, are super absorbent, and will quickly whisk away drool, spit, and spills. 

    We’re proud to offer an Oeko-Tex certified bamboo washcloth FREE from dyes, allergens, BPA, lead, and latex. These baby washcloths make a perfect addition to your bath time routine or an excellent gift for expectant parents.

    Our 100% Bamboo Washcloths are the ideal way to keep your face clean and refreshed during your daily skincare routine. Featuring six baby face wipes in a set, these hypoallergenic facial towels will help you cleanse and exfoliate head to toe. Made from strong, yet soft bamboo fibre, our washcloths are great for adults as well. 

    You’ll be the star of the gift-giving when you outshine all the other baby shower gifts with our premium baby towels.

  • Smiling Gaia Baby Hooded Towel
  • Your baby deserves to stay warm and dry after a bath. And by “warm,” we mean happy—or at least not freezing their toes off. 

    Smiling Gaia’s Baby Hooded Towel does more than just keep your baby cozy while drying. It also helps them stay calm and comfortable in the first few moments after getting a bath. 

    Our Baby Hooded Towel is the ideal combination of size and absorbency that will not disappoint you. It dries your baby fast while keeping her warm and cozy.

    A smiling Gaia baby hooded towel is specially designed for your child's comfort. For everyday bathing needs, it comes with a large and adorable bear hood with matching bath mitt. 

    The towel has plenty of space on the sides so that it doesn't twist when drying or wrap around your neck, which helps keep germs away from your family. Its light color and simple design help make washing clothes easy to spot when tangled up in the bathtub or laundry basket.

    It is the only one towel in the market, infused with 5% Spandex, which makes it super soft and durable, so it stays extremely soft after multiple washes and doesn't tear apart as easily as other towels. Features a hood that keeps baby snug and warm, while allowing mom or dad to easily wipe away any drool or milk without missing a minute of playtime. Throughout your baby's childhood, this towel will be a favorite cuddle companion.

    Say goodbye to your old ratty towel. Upgrade to this 100% bamboo hooded towel and experience a better, fresher feeling. Every time you achieve that new feel, you will appreciate the quality of your new bamboo towel.

    If your family or friend has a newborn baby in the family? Give her the best gift you can think of by gifting this hooded baby towel. This will be much appreciated because every mother appreciates a beautiful gift with great use as a baby bathing essential!

    With its softness and love for adorable details, the hooded towel is a perfect baby shower gift. It gives the parents and baby the exact care it was designed for.

  • Smiling Gaia Baby Lounger Nest
  • When it comes to choosing high-quality baby products, you want to make sure your baby is at the top of their comfort level. Cosleeepers are designed to be the ultimate way to allow your baby to sleep comfortably anywhere and anytime.

    With cosleeepers, you’re guaranteed that your baby will get a perfect sleep every single night. The cosleeepers are specifically designed to support and secure your baby, so they can stay comfortable as they sleep.

    Cosleeepers continually receive positive feedback from parents around the globe. In fact, that’s why they’re considered such a great accessory for any baby.

    The Smiling Gaia Baby Nest Lounger will have your baby saying “Ahhh” in no time.

    Our baby lounger is designed to create a feeling of safety and security for your infant. The Smiling Gaia baby lounger nest is easy to put together and take apart, making it simple for you to clean. 

    This comfortable longer includes a double-sided pillow which is machine washable. Infants love to snuggle up to this beautiful cushion in bed! They will enjoy the comfort it provides while nursing or playing on their own. 

    It also can be used as a bed when they grow out of the lounger stage or placed near an existing bed, so they feel safe while sleeping.

    Your baby deserves the best. We create products that help make your life easier. Add a Smiling Gaia baby nest lounger to your child’s nursery and step out of the room feeling confident and secure. Our lounger will allow you to go about your daily chores without worrying about your child’s safety.

    If you’re planning on buying a gift for a friend or family member that’s having a baby, look no further than the Smiling Gaia Baby Lounger! It’s perfect for both mummy and baby.

  • Smiling Gaia Portable Changing Pads
  • Many portable changing pads that seem to be a good deal are actually mediocre with their designs and materials and break easily.

    Like a pop-up play tent for your baby, the Smiling Gaia portable changing pad is fun and easy to use. We designed it with features that will have you using this one-of-a-kind product for many years to come – even after the baby’s outgrown the diaper stage. And we know you’ll agree as soon as you see how much better this product is when compared to other brands that claim to be just like it.

    It is a dedicated changing pad and travel system designed to make life easier for modern parents. Featuring an expandable front buckle to hold extra diapers, cream and toy storage, this piece of baby gear is made of premium materials that will stand the test of time. 

    Two reinforced mesh pockets provide extra space for diaper change essentials, along with a dedicated wipes holder and an interior zippered pocket to keep other items safe and sound. 

    It has designed with convenience in mind; the unique zip-apart design allows you to use the removable changing pad as a stand-alone surface or in conjunction with our carrying case for easy transport.

    Our original baby changing pad has grown up! We've designed a chic, durable changing station that takes up less space yet still doubles as a comfortable play mat for your little one. Parents will love the sleek, adorably packaged design that makes a great gift and does so much good for the environment. We've partnered with OneTreePlanted to help plant trees for every unit sold in the U.S.

    Whether your little one is a newborn or a toddler, Smiling Gaia has the perfect baby care product for you. They’re naturally safe, healthy, and organic, so you can be sure your baby will be comfortable and happy.