Born in Winter's Whimsy: 10 Surprising Secrets of December Babies

December babies are a special bunch, but they often get overlooked amid the excitement of the holiday season. However, there are some truly fascinating facts about those born in the last month of the year that might surprise you.

In this article, we'll explore little-known details about the health, intelligence, physical attributes, and personalities of December babies. You'll learn about their unique zodiac signs, celebratory customs, and famous members. Who knows - you might discover something intriguing about yourself or a December-born loved one.

Get ready to see this often underappreciated group in a whole new light. The information below may give you an even greater appreciation for these rare winter newborns.

December Babies' Zodiac Signs

December babies have astrological signs of either Sagittarius or Capricorn, depending on their exact birthdate.

Those born before December 21st are Sagittarians, represented by the Archer. Sagittarians are known for being optimistic, energetic, and enthusiastic. They have a driven determination to achieve their goals. Sagittarians are also quite wise, although their boldness sometimes leads them to speak before they think.

Babies born after December 21st are Capricorns, represented by the goat. Capricorns are responsible, disciplined, and patient - all useful qualities for ambitious mountain climbers. They are hardworking and good-natured. However, Capricorns can sometimes be know-it-alls who think their way is best.

Overall, December babies with either zodiac sign are endowed with positive traits and good fortune according to astrologers. Their horoscopes indicate they will lead successful, happy lives.

December Babies Have Two Birth Flowers

When it comes to flowers, December babies are twice as lucky. These winter babies have not just one birth flower, but two beautiful blooms associated with their birth month.

The first is the elegant narcissus, more commonly known as the paperwhite. Paperwhites are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring, bursting forth with a promise of rebirth and renewal after the cold winter months. In Chinese legend, the paperwhite narcissus represents wealth and prosperity. However, the ancient Greeks saw them differently. To the Greeks, the paperwhite was a symbol of ego, naming this flower after Narcissus of mythology, who fell in love with his own reflection.

The second birth flower for December babies is the prickly holly, a plant strongly associated with Christmas. To Christians, the pointed leaves represent Christ's crown of thorns, while the bright red berries symbolize the blood he shed on the cross. So while the paperwhite signals optimism for the future, the holly reflects deeply on the meaning of Christmas for believers. Together, these two flowers make a beautiful bouquet for December-born babies.

December Babies’ Birthstones Are Unique and Meaningful

In addition to having multiple birth flowers, babies born in December have three gorgeous birthstones to choose from:

  • Zircon - This mineral comes in a variety of brilliant colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and colorless. The most prized color is the red zircon.
  • Tanzanite - This rare gemstone is found only in Tanzania. Tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than diamonds, which makes it highly coveted. It has an exotic velvety blue and violet hue.
  • Turquoise - This striking blue-green stone has been used in jewelry and ornaments since ancient times. Turquoise is believed to bring good fortune, protection, and luck to its wearer. It's also thought to promote relaxation and positive energies.

Of the three birthstones, turquoise seems especially fitting for December born babies. Its supposed luck bringing properties will no doubt benefit these little ones. Plus the calming blue tones are perfect for the cold winter month.

Christmas Eve & Day Births Are Rare

If you’ve worried over your child sharing a birthday with Christmas Eve or Christmas, you can breathe a sigh of relief. According to statistics, December 24th and 25th are two of the rarest days to give birth in the United States.

While your baby may arrive fairly close to these major holidays, the odds are in your favor if you hope to avoid a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day birthday. Parents often prefer their child have a separate birthday celebration apart from the bustling holiday season.

Sharing a birthday with Christmas can make a child feel overlooked, as family and friends are caught up in holiday traditions and gift-giving focused on Christmas Day. Parents may struggle to make their child's birthday feel special.

So if you find yourself panicking that your baby could arrive on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, take comfort that these dates are quite uncommon for births. The chances of avoiding a holiday birthday are high. Your child is much more likely to have a birthday celebration all their own.

Fewer Temper Tantrums

Researchers have found evidence that babies born in December tend to have fewer tantrums throughout their childhoods compared to babies born other times of the year. A study conducted by researchers at Semmelweis University in Budapest looked at the moods and temperaments of 366 students. The survey results showed that those born in December appeared to have the most even-keeled dispositions overall.

According to the researchers, the students born in December demonstrated more patience, emotional stability, and ability to control anger and frustration. They theorized that the calmer temperaments could be attributed to factors like the amount of sunlight exposure and vitamins mothers received during different pregnancy seasons. While genetics and other variables also play a role, the study suggests December babies may be predisposed to fewer tantrum-prone tendencies.

This is great news for parents of December newborns. The findings indicate your little one may be more even-tempered and less prone to frequent emotional meltdowns as a toddler and child. So while every baby goes through normal developmental phases, December babies may have a slight edge when it comes to keeping their cool. Their more relaxed disposition could make the tempestuous toddler years a little easier on the whole family.

Lower Disease Risk

Babies born in December are significantly less prone to many major diseases like neurological, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases. This is according to some research studies that have analyzed disease rates in relation to birth month.

One possible explanation for the lower disease rates in December babies is the amount of vitamin D and sunlight that mothers are exposed to during pregnancy at different times of year. Vitamin D is crucial for healthy immune system function and can play a protective role against developing chronic diseases. The winter months allow for more sunlight exposure and therefore greater vitamin D production versus other times of the year.

Additionally, mothers carrying December babies would experience their last trimester during the fall months. This seasonal timing appears to be optimal for avoiding low vitamin D levels that are more common when sunlight is less abundant. Maintaining sufficient vitamin D during pregnancy helps support the baby's developing brain, muscles, bones and immunity.

While factors like genetics, diet and other lifestyle habits also affect disease risk, the extra boost of vitamin D and sunlight from the fall and early winter months may give December babies an advantage. The lower rates of major diseases highlight how important maternal health during pregnancy can be for the lifelong health of babies.

Famous December Birthdays

December is a star-studded month when it comes to celebrity birthdays. Some famous musicians born in December include Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, and Christina Aguilera. Iconic actors like Judi Dench, Jennifer Connelly, and Brad Pitt also celebrate their big day this month.

In the world of sports, superstar athletes like Lou Gehrig, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James were born in December. Other notable figures include author J.K. Rowling, scientist Jane Goodall, and activist Rosa Parks.

With so many famous faces born in the last month of the year, December babies have plenty of impressive role models to look up to. Whether they dream of becoming a pop star, actor, athlete or activist, children born in December can find inspiration from the many celebrities who share their birthday month.

Many Holiday Festivities

December babies get the best of both worlds - they get to celebrate multiple holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve, as well as their own birthday. This means more gifts, parties, celebrations, and quality time with family.

While some may think it's a bummer to have a birthday so close to major holidays, December babies get to feel extra special throughout the whole month. Their birthday month is filled with festive decorations, tasty treats, and fun traditions. And they typically get more attention and gifts than children born during other months.

December babies basically have one long birthday celebration that lasts from the first of the month through their actual birthday. From holiday parties to classroom celebrations to family gatherings, December-born children get to celebrate multiple times with different groups of people who are already in a festive spirit.

Even as adults, December birthdays are a blast. Holiday parties double as birthday parties, holiday vacations can be birthday getaways, and the general mood of joy and merriment makes the month magical. December babies really hit the jackpot when it comes to birthday fun.

Winter Wonderland Fun

December is the perfect time for winter wonderland-themed birthday parties. Celebrating a December birthday means having festive, snowy fun.

For a magical winter party, create a snowy setting with white and silver decorations. Adorn the party space with glittering snowflakes, fluffy cotton ball "snowballs", and fake snow. Set up a hot cocoa bar with flavored toppings so guests can make steamy mugs to warm up. Make a snowman piñata filled with candy canes and mini marshmallows. Play winter games like snowball fights with cotton balls or sled races across the room. Have everyone bundle up in their coziest hats and scarves for a party photo.

Build mini snowmen using marshmallows and pretzels or decorate sugar cookies with blue and white icing. Serve up snow cone treats made with shaved ice and fruity syrups. Hot apple cider is also perfect for December birthdays. End the party by singing "Let it Snow" and opening presents covered in snowflake wrapping paper.

A December birthday means having a magical winter wonderland bash filled with snow-themed treats, activities and decorations. It's the most wonderful time of the year for a party.

Popular December Baby Names

December is a festive month full of winter fun and holiday celebrations. If you're expecting a December baby, you may want to consider a name that fits the spirit of the season.

Popular winter-inspired names for December babies include:

  • Robin
  • Noel
  • Holly
  • Joy
  • Nick / Nicholas
  • Gabriel
  • Lucia

December babies may also suit names inspired by their birthstones like:

  • Jade
  • Azure
  • Turquoise

Other ideas that capture the mood of December include:

  • Carol
  • Claus
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Franklin (for winter snow)
  • Jack (like Jack Frost)

Classic names that frequently rank in the top 10 for December births include:

  • Olivia
  • Emma
  • Ava
  • Sophia
  • Isabella

So whether you love the winter weather or want to honor the December holidays, there are many festive baby name options for your little one arriving at the end of the year.