How to Become a Pro Mom

Being a new mom is definitely an overwhelming experience. Nothing can prepare you for the emotions that flood your mind during this time. It’s important to know that you are not alone and that there is helping out moms in need in the world. 

Here at Smiling Gaia there are many ways for you to stay positive, organized, and inspired throughout this process. So sit tight and enjoy this article as we take a look at some of the most helpful tips on how to become a pro mom this year!

Don't compare your journey to mom's who have been there before you:

Being a new mom comes with its own rewards and challenges. How do you stay positive when your mom is the one giving you advice about how to take care of your baby? What if the article you are reading online does not match up to what is going on in your life right now? There are the questions that new moms have to answer all of the time. 

It’s easy for mom's who have been there before you to give advice, but remember what works best for them may not always work best for you. Instead of comparing yourself to other mom's and their situations, seek out information on trials and tribulations they went through. 

This way you will have a better understanding of how to handle what is going on with your own baby.

Don't feel guilty about needing help:

The number one mistake most new mothers make is feeling like they shouldn’t need any help in their new role as mommy. Everyone needs help! 

If you are overwhelmed, exhausted, and sleep deprived you may experience feelings of guilt. This is normal! 

There is no shame in asking someone to come over and nail a couple push pins on the wall so you can get some peace and quiet in your own home. When looking for help, be selective about who you ask. You don’t want to give too much responsibility to a friend that you know isn’t the most organized. Find someone who knows how to stay calm in a situation and have her help you out!

Be prepared for any emergency:

Being prepared is one of the best ways to prevent stress as a new mom. Having an emergency bag packed at all times is essential to help you and your baby stay safe if anything were to happen. Make sure to stock up on essentials like diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and toys. You may be surprised what little things trigger stress in new moms!

Get out every day:

Being home with your baby is important but staying at home all of the time is not good for you or your baby. Try getting out as much as possible even if it's just to the store or somewhere nearby for fresh air. 

Getting out of the house helps relieve stress, keeps you active and relieves a lot of anxiety. You may also want to consider taking an adult class like cooking, painting, or yoga that can help you bond with your baby.

Take time out for yourself

Life can get pretty hectic when you’re a new mom but it is important to take time out of each day for yourself. There are several ways to do this such as taking a bath, reading a book, or going on a walk around the neighborhood. 

No matter how small the activity is, it can go a long way in helping you keep calm and focused. You may also want to consider taking your baby out for some fresh air if you have family that is willing to assist you while you are out.

The first few weeks are tough, yes, but try not to get discouraged: 

Adjusting to life with a newborn can be tough and scary. You may feel like you’re not doing enough, that your baby doesn’t like the way you are feeding them or sleeping and that there is no end in sight. 

This is completely normal! With time things will get better and you two will start to become more comfortable in your own skin. Just remember to not give up and stay positive!

It’s okay to have a bad day:

No one is perfect all of the time but new mamas always feel like they are failing when they do not do everything perfectly, especially since there is no handbook for this. 

Trying your best to be the best mommy you can be is what matters most. If you experience a bad day or feel like things aren’t going your way don’t worry about it too much and try to take it in stride!

When you feel like you are making progress don't stop or you will take 2 steps back:

When things are going well with your baby, don’t stop! You will feel like you have reached a milestone or that progress is being made but sometimes that can be when things take a turn for the worst. Just because a little baby had a good day and slept through the night doesn’t mean he will sleep well every night from now on. Be prepared for that and don’t get too excited if things are going well!

The lessons you learn along the way will help you be a better mother someday:

Life with a newborn is so crazy it does not seem possible but in time life will start to calm down and slow down a little. You may think that the time being a new mom was stressful and annoying but in the end it will all be worth it. Reflecting on some of these problems may make you feel better about your experience together!

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Your baby is only a small part of this journey, try not to get consumed by it. Focus on the journey and not the outcome. What you are doing is for the little one but also for yourself. Being a mom makes you a better person, so hold your head up high and enjoy being a new mom! :)