Keeping Baby Safe

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One of the biggest things to be considered when you have a baby is safety.  I remember when my son was born, I took a look around my living room and couldn't see anything that could be dangerous, so figured I didn't need to do anything to ensure safety.  I soon discovered as my son started to crawl and then walk, how many things are actually dangerous to babies.  It is pretty ridiculous and you can really not consider what exactly is dangerous until you either see your baby show you how even the most harmless thing can be or get down on all fours and start working it out for yourself.  It seemed that everything caused an issue.

Your best option with a baby is first to have baby gate so they can't get into the kitchen. The kitchen is even worse than the living room, so just keep them cut off from it as much as possible.

Then it is best to consider living minimally.  The more clutter you have, the more danger there is and the more annoyance you will incur.  It isn't funny trying to keep every little thing away from your baby.  Luckily I have never been one for ornaments and have a pretty minimalist household, however unfortunately my friends don't so soon discovered how much worse things could have been for me if I had decided to collect ornaments or have a huge selections of CDs and DVDs. Don't put yourself through it!  Try to keep those types of things high up and out of the way.

There, of course, is also the stairs.  Make sure that if your child climbs up the stairs you can supervise.  I went through a period of having only one stair gate (one broke) which became a nuisance at night.  We always kept it at the bottom of the stairs and so when we put our son to bed at night I would always be attentively listening to hear if he had woken up for fear he might fall down the stairs.  Luckily I was super attentive, but it didn't make for a very relaxed evening and one time I only just got there in time.  Luckily it wasn't long before I managed to get hold of another stair gate that I was allowed to have in our rented home.

Many people feel that plug sockets are also a danger to babies but there is information that suggests that they aren't and only become dangerous when you use those plug socket protectors.

Keeping your baby safe in the home can be a nightmare, so my best tip to you is to keep your house clutterless, minimalist and keep things you love dearly out of reach!

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~Marie Crawford