Tips For Traveling With Kid

Of course, traveling with a kid has its own set of obstacles, especially when you are traveling with kids for the first time, but it doesn't mean that you can't travel with kids.

While planning a trip to Thailand with my one-year-old baby, I remember how I was dreading the long hour flight.

The idea of packing a baby lounger, stroller, car seat, diaper bag, suitcase, lots of toys, and then considering my daughter, Claudia, for hours all the way to Thailand in a confined setting was a downright daunting task. But everything seems fine, and the easier parts of our trip.

We had great fun on the way to Thailand, well, obviously we did plan everything before boarding.

Since having two other children, we decided to curtail more long-haul flights, but it doesn't mean we are not traveling with kids; we still manage to travel with our kids and to have great fun.

Here are some tips to have a great and pleasant trip with a baby:

Schedule the bedtime or nap to coincide with a flight time 

Most often, your infant will sleep for much of the time on the flight. If possible, choose a flight that coincides with a nap or bedtime to make it more pleasant for your baby. There's a chance that The ambient noise on the plane may lull your child to sleep, but it would be great if you book the flight that coincides with your baby's bedtime.

Choose your seats wisely 

Infants (under two-year-old) can fly for free only if they sit on an adult's lap; it might work for short flights. But if you have a long-haul flight, it is better to have your baby in his seat.

So it is best to talk with air-ticketing travel agents or airline support to choose the most legroom seats. Some airlines even allow you to have an extra room by paying a bit of extra money.

I prefer to choose the airlines that offer bassinets, which you can hook into the front of the bulkhead seat so that I can keep my Smiling Gaia Baby Nest Lounger easily — this is the best and most ideal option for your baby to have a pleasant flight.

Aa soon you book the flight, call the airline and request for the bassinet. You must also get to the airport a bit early to reiterate your request for bassinets.

Take extra diapers, clothes, etc.

You must pack more diapers, wipes, extra clothes, food, and lots of snacks than usual. You don't want to run out of all these essentials on the flight.

If your infant drinks formula, you should bring extra. Though you'll have water and whole milk onboard, I prefer to bring some of my own. 

I always carry a Smiling Gaia diaper changing bag that helps my baby and me to travel with ease.

Bring some stuff for kid creative activities.

To entertain your kid during long-haul flights, you must have some toys, creative activities, and books for a pleasant trip. 

I prefer to bring new things and come up with new creative ideas that make my kids happy to make them feel special and have fun during fights.  

If your kids know colors, a coloring book, or a colorful sticker, it may help your kid keep them busy on the flight.

Don't overpack

With bulky backpacks and loads of stuff, it's hard to chase after your baby, so you don't want to be weighed down due to tons of luggage. 

Well, traveling with a baby means carrying lots of stuff, since kids come with lots of stuff. But, at least try to pack the least amount and avoid packing unnecessary stuff.

Bring Baby Nest Lounger 

After the flight, your baby may need some rest; you should pack a baby lounger that will provide a peaceful sleep as soon as you check-in the hotel.

I had a Smiling Gaia Baby Nest lounger that helped my daughter to have a peaceful rest after a long flight. 

Smiling Gaia baby dock can be carried with you wherever you go, even traveling. The light and ultra-portable size and weight is a blessing for busy parents.

These tips will help you to have a wonderful trip along with your kids.

Have a pleasant and safe & sound trip - Happy Traveling