Tips on Sleeping with Baby

“Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.”

For sure, all mothers would have hummed this lullaby while reading it. That’s the effect a newborn has on you. It’s never easy to handle an infant and requires oodles of patience. There’s one common woe that links all moms worldwide. They are all sleep-deprived. Taming a bull seems easier when compared to putting your baby to sleep. Every mother battles through this phase for at least the first 12 months of her child’s birth.

 Do not get discouraged. Having a baby changes your world forever. It can be challenging at times but leaves you with a lifetime full of memories. There’s a solution to every problem and this is no different. Mothers have passed on their tried and tested methods from one generation to another. Here are a few tips that will ease your headache of putting your baby to sleep. 

  • Invest in a baby lounger
    A baby’s bed can make or break its sleep. It should be comfortable, soft, and cozy enough for the child to snuggle. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a high-quality baby lounger. Smiling Gaia has the perfect solution to put your baby to a sound sleep. Their Baby Lounger Nest is a haven of comfort. It’s made completely of cotton and complements your baby’s tender skin to perfection. Smiling Gaia’s Baby Lounger Nest is the best alternative to a mother’s lap or arms. Within minutes your baby will be fast asleep; giving mothers the time to take the much-needed rest. It’s portable, lightweight, and easy to carry around. You can also integrate the baby lounger into your baby’s crib, adding extra comfort. Maintenance of the baby lounger is a child’s play. You can detach all parts and wash them in a jiffy. There’s no better view for a mother than to see her baby sleeping peacefully. Baby lounger makes this a reality at extremely affordable prices.
  • Swaddling helps
    Once you have the Baby Lounger Nest in place, make sure to wrap your baby tightly in a blanket or quilt. It keeps the baby warm and restricts movement. Swaddling a baby has been an age-old tradition and works effectively. Try out different types of swaddling and see which style suits your baby the best. Also, lower the temperature in the room to give your baby the most comfortable sleep.
  • Lighting matters
    Make sure to keep the lighting dim and keep the window screens closed. Bright light is the worst enemy of sleep. It will wake your child up in an instant. Do not black out the room completely as your baby might become anxious and scared when it wakes up. A night lamp will have a soothing effect and will also enable you to keep an eye on your infant. It will also train them to sleep without much light later on.
  • Eliminate unwanted sounds
    Childproof your homes and ensure everything is in working order. Creaking doors are a mother’s worst nightmares as it disturbs a sleeping baby in an instant. Keep it well-oiled and have a stopper to restrict doors from banging. There’s also the annoying click sounds from doorknobs. You can either get it replaced or tie a rubber-band for the time being.
  • White noise factor
    While sudden, loud noises can disturb a baby’s sleep, certain sounds are inevitable. This is why it’s important to introduce white noise to your infant. You can either use a fan or white noise machine. Place it near your child’s crib. Its buzz masks other loud sounds and stimulates the brain. This technique is very useful while traveling. The child doesn’t get overly disturbed by outdoor noises and continues to sleep in peace.
  • Look out for signs
    Within a few days, you can make out the sleeping pattern of your toddler. When a child shows signs of sleepiness, immediately put him to bed. Delaying the process will have the opposite effect. They will create a tantrum to go to bed, cry incessantly, or become cranky. Put them to sleep on the Baby Lounger Nest and ease all your worries.
  • Restrict day naps
    As adults, we tune our bodies to sleep at night. A baby’s body clock works differently. It takes time for a baby to develop a sleeping pattern. Keep the baby engaged during the day and restrict long naps. Within a few days, you will taste success. The baby’s sleeping clock will change accordingly. It will start resting more during night hours. This will help you to sync both your sleeping patterns and give you ample rest. 
  • The B-factor
    A baby’s sleep depends on 4 B’s – Bed, bath, breastfeeding, and blanket. The bed factor is not an issue, thanks to Baby Lounger Nest. Ensure the baby’s blanket is soft and does not cause itchiness. Babies sleep better after a bath. So give them a warm-water bath every day. Their tummies should be full, so do not forget to breastfeed them. Once you take care of all these factors, your baby will doze off without much ado.
  • Embrace imperfections
    Being a new mom does not mean you have to do it all by yourself. It takes time to become a supermom. Things can be quite exhaustive in the early days and your body requires rest as well. Take turns with your partner to monitor your baby. When they nap, you nap along. Don’t over-exert yourself. It will only lead to irritation and will further hamper your task of putting the baby to sleep. Embrace imperfections and keep learning. Take a break. It recharges your batteries.
  • Lullabies work
    Singing to your babies has a pacifying effect on both the mother and child. Lullabies calm down the brain and make the baby drowsy. Pat them gently and stroke their back simultaneously. Within minutes, you can hear their soft snores. They are fast asleep on their Baby Lounger Nest

“Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.”

It’s time to say good night and sleep tight.