Organic Baby Washcloths Unveiled by Smiling Gaia


Lockbourne OH
May 21, 2018. Smiling Gaia has recently launched new baby bamboo organic washcloths to the baby market. These baby washcloths have been manufactured with natural products and no harmful dyes to ensure maximum results. Oeko Tex, The International Association for Research and Testing in The Field of Textile And Leather Ecology  have certified baby bamboo organic washcloths for use on newborn skin because of their non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic and non-toxic nature. "Give your babies the best bath they can receive with these Organic Bamboo Washcloths by Smiling Gaia. Makes a great baby shower or maternity gift too", the correspondence for Living Stone Biz reportedly commented on the efficiency of baby bamboo washcloths.

The cloths have been designed to be suitable for every baby, whether or not babies suffer from skin problems such as Eczema, baby acne or Pityriasis. As much as there are ranges of washcloths, Smiling Gaia offers bigger sizes than others.

Bamboo baby washcloths promises a double-layered, thick and luxuriously soft feel. Smiling Gaia strives at better quality by producing tightly stitched and properly hemmed edges to prevent fraying. Purportedly, they have been packaged top notch with gold ribbons to make for classy gifts for baby registries, showers, birthdays or weddings.

Smiling Gaia has however, not limited this baby goodness to babies only as they have been made apposite for exfoliating the body and face. Adults who are looking to care for their skins can sample baby bamboo washcloths.  A real time and stress saver, baby cloth is a must have in new parents’ survival kit. Very versatile as it can effectively play the role of baby wipes, to clean up drools, food stains and whatever that needs to be cleaned.

Smiling Gaia has reportedly proposed a 100% refund in cases where customers are less than satisfied with baby washcloths.

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